New Age computer first started in March of 2004. Since then, it has grown to be a main source in Southern Utah for computer repair and sales. We continue to grow by leading by example. We do that by building our computers with long lasting, high quality parts, and by having certified computer technicians repairing computers.

We have the largest selection of computer inventory in Southern Utah. We have hundreds of different items to choose from, and we have a large selection of cables.

We pride ourselves in building our computers with the best quality parts which have the lowest failure rating, which means that your computer will last longer and work better.

Everyone that works at New Age Computers is required to have a computer certification, and a high level of computer knowledge and work experience. Combined, New Age Computers' employees have 25 different certifications and growing.

We strive to keep your costs of owning a computer as low as possible with our hardware warranties and Lifetime Labor Discount you'll receive with every new computer. With our Lifetime Labor Discount it makes it more economical and worthwhile to fix and upgrade your computer instead of increasing waste.